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From stuck to started…
From muck to message…
From busted to blessed…
From troubles to testimony…
From problems to purpose…
From overwhelmed to overcomer
From called to coached…
From wherever you are…
Glory to glory!


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Welcome, Friends

HELLo, I’m Deborah

Author. Messenger. Writing, Speaking and Ministry Coach.
Creative. Homebody and Traveler. Event Planner.
I am here to help you advance from where you are to where God is pointing you to.
Let's go together!

Trials, troubles, traumas & tragedies can pivot into redemptive souls, restored lives, refreshed connections, & renewed testimonies. Allow me the privilege of walking this out with you step by step.

Dear One,
In the darkness keep on bringing the light to the world.
Tell His story~ with your story. The greatest love story ever told.


To write, speak, and coach women on how to pivot from where they are and proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ with their gifts and talents to the glory of God.

This is a comprehensive overview at what an entire Writing/Speaking Ministry entails and requires. Some aspects are very detailed some are DYI. However, you work at your own pace. It is not a legalistic approach to writing and speaking, but quite the opposite very Spirit driven. It is not a legalistic approach to writing and speaking, but quite the opposite—very Spirit driven.

Five Teaching Videos - two on writing and two on speaking and one on both! (my suggestion is to do them in order.)

Five Gorgeous Workbooks- one to accompany each video (these are priceless to look back on and keep notes.)

Bonus pages that include contracts and other important checklists.

Most women add additional coaching calls to this bundle when needed, if they have questions, or get stuck.

Yes! You can do just one session with Deborah on a when needed basis without breaking the bank!

I highly recommend Deborah's Ebb & Flow Bundle for all authors and speakers. After purchasing the coaching bundle, I was able to participate in the training sessions at my pace. Having a program that I was able to utilize with my fast paced schedule was of great value to me. Deborah covers the basics of writing and speaking in each of her sessions. This coaching bundle equipped me to begin and finish writing my first book. There are many steps in the process of writing a book, and Deborah has made the process flow by sharing her many years of expertise and knowledge. The value of this bundle is priceless!

- Rachel Bane, Author of The Messy Life and  Speaker for Women’s Events